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Lets say you were from Poland, and spoke little English. Your dream was to live in England, and it was your Dads too. So, you packed up and left everything behind. Your friends, your family. But, everything goes wrong. You didn't know everyone was mean, you didn't know that English was a lot harder than you though, but then you see a walking Angel. Find out more by reading Angel Cake, recommended 12-14 year old girls. 

Scarlett - Cathy Cassidy

Can an 11 year old girl change from being a rebel-girl to a good-girl?


Maybe not...

Scarlet, you can tell from a girl with a name like that, that they're trouble.

Whats worse than getting expelled from 5 different schools, because they can't handle her anger.

Her dad left.

Read this book, one of my personal favorites, Scarlet. Highly recommend for ages 12-14.

Lost in London - Cindy Callaghan

You're a normal Americana teenage girl, with parents that don't really let you go anywhere.

Next minute, your flying in a plane up above clouds, clutching a ticket to go to England.

You were organised to stay with your mum's friend who had a daughter same age as me. As soon as you arrive your practicing ways to greet her.

She's not what you imagined... but would things work out in the end?

She introduces you to her friends. A cute English guy who loves food, a crazy (good crazy) girl with double pierced nose and spiky hair and another guy who loves history. They are nice. 

What happens next? 

Your life totally changes from ordinary girl to maybe celebrity...

Read 'Lost in London'.

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Wonder - R.J. Palacio

OK, I really love this book. Imagine a boy about 10 with his eyes down on her cheeks...

That's kinda Auggie. He had so many surgeries when he was a baby, he has a different looking face. Some people would say 'deformed'.

You might say, Ew, or OMG sounds so scary. BUT! This book is really touching. If your saying ew, imagine if YOU were him and everyone was talking about you behind your back, and scrunching up your nose whenever you were in view of people.

Relax and read. Go into the zone of the book Wonder.

Highly recommended for ages 9-13. 

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PAWS OFF, BARKY BARK! A Funny Middle Grade Book about Dogs, Crushes, and OCD - Basia Kent Belroy

First thing you need to know: this book is about a girl who has OCD.

Alex has a fear of germs. Constantly showering, washing her hands, you name it. 

Find out what happens in this awesome book, also written by the same author who wrote Dances with Dogs... Runs from spiders. 

If you are a 11 to 13 year old girl, searching for a book to read, try Paws off Barky-Bark.


Lala Mankowicz:  Dances with Dogs...: Runs from Spiders! - Basia Kent Belroy

This book is really awesome, just finished for the 7th time reading it! Its a book for a girl who loves dogs. Lala, LOVES dogs... but can't get one. She is terrified of spiders, like who wouldn't, right. This book is has also lots of tips in the story about training your dog and has some facts about spiders, yuk. I highly recommend this book for 11-13 girls. Such an awesome book for girls who love dogs! 


Hi, I will be showing pre-teen and kids books on this blog. Hope you enjoy your visit at Miss EB's Book Blog!




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Here is an idea of what the Chocolate Box Girls look like, sorry if it ruins your reading!

Slumber Party Wars - Melanie Marks

Pretty funny book, and has a weird twist at the end. Slumber Party Wars is a book that I highly recommended for 10-14 year old girls. 

Want more!

Here is more 'Dork Diaries' to keep you going!


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DORK Diaries, Band 04: Nikki als (nicht ganz so) graziöse Eisprinzessin - Rachel Renée Russell

Dork Diaries

Nikki volunteers at Brandon Animal Shelter that is getting shut down. She and her BFF's help her do skating acts to help Brandon. Read more in this awesome book, crammed with laughter. I highly recommended this book for girls aged 9-13.


Diary of a Minecraft Zombie: Book 1 - Herobrine Books

This is Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, sort of a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid I guess, but that doesn't stop it from being a good book. Zombie is a normal middle school zombie and he has friends called, Skelee, Slimey, Steve and Creepy. Read this book if you want to read about adventure and Minecraft. 

The Cupcake Diaries: Katie and the Cupcake Cure - Coco Simon

Katie and the Cupcake Cure is the first book in the Cupcake Diaries series.

Can Katie survive Middle School and make friends? A good start to the series, kick off and read Katie and the Cupcake Cure :)

Highly recommended for 9-13 year old girls

Katie, Batter Up! - Coco Simon

Katie Batter Up, is a cool book for cupcake lovers, also you can read the other books in the series. Katie is left alone after school, except for her Cupcake Club with her friends. Her friends, Emma, Alexis and Mia all play sport. Katie doesn't do anything though. She searches out to find a sport. Find out what happened next in Katie Batter Up highly recommended for 9-13 year old girls. 

Honey Tanberry! I would have to say she is the girl that takes drama wherever she goes. She has run away, 'adjusted' her grades, got called up and watched by the police and more. She will surprise you! If you want more read the fifth book in the Chocolate Box Girls Sweet Honey.


Hey, read the forth book Coco Caramel in the awesome Chocolate Box Girls series.

Coco is the youngest, the baby of the family and sometimes no one takes her seriously. Coco wants to change the world. But life throws her down to have to work with a boy.

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